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it's. only. her. cinnamentality.
and you couldn't tame it if you tried
Meet Me Where I Land. 
10th-Jun-2015 03:42 pm
red night sky
Title: Meet Me Where I Land.
Fandom: Bomberman (Edenverse).
Pairing: Shiro/Regulus.
Words: 2577.
Summary: Love in general is a battlefield, but their love is a world war.
Rating: PG-13 for the usual.
Notes: Something between flash fiction and a 1sentence themeset, with prompts taken from a random word generator. Blame [personal profile] khaures for both the method and the shippy madness.

Title taken from “Evelyn” by Kim Tillman. Relevant? Probably not. I just really like the song.

As usual, beware experimental stuff, super-fanon, contradictory scenarios, and other oddities.

#01 – Barber

Regulus looks so different after a trip to the barber that Shiro, upon coming home, actually pauses in the doorway for a moment, wondering who the hell the stranger is that’s sitting at the kitchen table.

#02 - Allow

“I don’t care what he owes you — I’m not letting you kill him,” Shiro states, standing his ground in front of a man pathetically huddled on the concrete behind him.

A disbelieving look. “You cannot possibly mean to play hero at a time like this, for a person like that.”

“I’m serious, Reg. How many times have I looked the other way for you? How many times am I going to keep looking the other way? Give me just this one favor, for crying out loud.”

“Get out of the way, Shiro. Or you will die along with him.”

Shiro smirks defiantly, his posture relaxed but ready. “You think you can kill me so easily? After everything I’ve been through? You couldn’t even do it when I was a naive kid halfway to crazytown.”

Seconds pass as the two stare each other down. The man behind Shiro tries to take advantage of the lull to sneak away to safety, but Shiro — without breaking eye contact with Regulus — slams a foot down on the man’s hand.

“Not so fast there,” he says. “Just because I’m sparing your life doesn’t mean I’m sparing your freedom. You’ll be rotting in prison soon enough, where you belong.”

A full minute elapses before Regulus finally relents, closing his eyes momentarily. “Very well. Play your hero games, if you must. But don’t blame me for what happens next.”

“I wouldn’t be much of a hero if I did,” Shiro retorts.

#03 - Visitor

Regulus only visits Shiro’s childhood home to pick up something at Shiro’s request, but Shiro’s mother ropes him into staying for lunch and a trip to the grocery store.

#04 - Balcony

Lost in thought as he is sitting on the railings of the condo’s balcony, Shiro nevertheless dodges the casual punch from Regulus and swings his body around to retaliate with a kick.

#05 - Crystal

Experience the magical healing power of crystals today,” Shiro reads from a sign in front of a shop that they pass by.

“What nonsense,” Regulus scoffs.

“Says the man who was literally resurrected from a magical crystal.”

#06 - Easy

Shiro, of course, generally prefers not to be a jerk to people, but half the time he isn’t sure Regulus should even qualify as “people,” given that he appears to have all the emotions of a common rock.

#07 - Fuzz

While waiting for news from Zoniha about the whereabouts of their foe, Shiro idly picks at the lint and fuzz starting to accumulate on Regulus’ black shirt.

#08 - Victory

Shiro’s movements during this particular sparring session are sluggish from sleep deprivation, the result of three straight days of chasing leads for the Base. He would have begged for at least one night of reprieve from Regulus, but he’s well-aware of how important it is to be able to fight in less than optimal conditions. And so he pushes himself through just a little more fatigue and frustration, all for the sake of personal development.

But it’s the sleep deprivation that leads to a different sort of personal development. As Regulus deflects Shiro’s punch and prepares to toss him aside, Shiro instead — on a whim — twists around and kisses him full on the mouth: their very first kiss together.

Regulus falters for one second. In the next, he’s flat on his back, with Shiro straddling his waist.

“I win,” Shiro says with a breathless, triumphant grin.

Regulus blinks up at him. His face is pink, but it could just be due to the tones of the setting sun. “This hardly counts as a victory,” he says blandly. “Since I don’t think you intend to utilize such tactics against other opponents.”

“Well, no,” admits Shiro. “But you’re my opponent at the moment, so as long as it works against you, it’s fair game.”

“That’s not the approach you should be taking to this training.”

Shiro crosses his arms. “I have gotten a total of six hours of sleep over the past three days. You can’t tell me what to do.”

“Even if I tell you to go sleep?”

“...are you telling me to go sleep?”


“Damn it, Reg!”

“There’s one more thing I have to teach you.”

“Ugh, fine. What is it?”

Regulus suddenly pulls Shiro down for a second kiss, and Shiro understands what he means.

#09 - Dozens

“What the — Pommy, why did you get so many?”

“Myu? Didn’t Bomberman ask for twenty-four dozen roses?”

“No! I said two dozen!”

“Then what was the ‘twenty-four’ part all about?”

“That’s how many roses are in two dozen! I was clarifying because...ugh, never mind. At least Reg can use some of this in his baking.”

#10 - Bell

The sound of Naberitur’s cursed bell, so distorted with the screams of his victims, grows louder and louder in Regulus’ head with each night that passes by, a monstrous heartbeat pulsing with malice and insanity.

But such demonic enticements are not new to the Prince of Shadows. What is new is having to deal with them when he actually has to look after someone for once in his life. And he’s hard-pressed to say whether Shiro’s presence is a burden or a blessing in this case.

#11 - Hesitation

After witnessing Regulus stay awake for at least a week straight thanks to Naberitur’s attentions, Shiro doesn’t hesitate in preparing to deal with the problem at its source.

#12 - Key

“Well, it’s like the old saying goes,” Shiro says, forming a bomb in his hand. “A wall is just a door with a different kind of key.”

Regulus’ response is to swing at the wall with oversized claws of pure shadow energy, rending it enough to let him simply kick away the shredded remnants and walk on through.

Shiro huffs and recalls the bomb in a soft flash of white light. “Show-off,” he grumbles, trotting after Regulus.

#13 - Pragmatic

While Shiro would rather not have anything more to do with Regulus, his savings aren’t going to last him forever. If he can pay for lodging with his body — that is to say, regular sparring with someone who’s already tried to kill him twice — then his bank account will be better off for it.

#14 - Juvenile

Shiro runs across a picture of Regulus as a kid by complete chance one day. An article he randomly clicks on while checking his usual sites include a short overview of notable bakeries in the country of Halo d’Alsvair. The featured picture for the section is of a bakery called The Emperor’s Kitchen...once owned by a family called the de Solaires, who are posed in front of it.

“Nice bowl cut, René,” Shiro remarks, tossing down a printout of the picture in front of Regulus as he’s preparing to eat a slice of cake in the living room. “How many would-be bullies did you end up sending to the hospital?”

Regulus’ face twitches slightly at this, though he doesn’t seem upset as far as Shiro can tell. He reaches out to take a closer look at the picture. “This must have been from before I turned fourteen...” he murmurs. “The sign was changed later because a local gang vandalized it.”

Shiro slides down next to Regulus on the couch, casually “stealing a moment” (as Zoniha once described it to him) by resting his head on Regulus’ shoulder. He never would have imagined himself being the more aggressive one in a relationship, but given how reticent Regulus is, he really can’t expect to get anywhere with him otherwise. “Guess now I know why you like sweets so much. Too bad it’s been demolished — otherwise I would’ve said that we should go visit.”

Regulus begins folding the printout into halves. “I would like to visit the area, regardless.”

“Yeah? I’ve never been to Halo d’Alsvair. Could be a nice vacation.”

“There is someone there I’d like to get in touch with. If he’s still around, the Phoenix could use his connections.”

“I said vacation, not business trip.”

#15 - Age

“So...how old are you, exactly?”

“I don’t see how that matters.”

“You’re right, it doesn’t. I’m just trying to figure out how horrified I should be if you actually looked your age.”

#16 - Blade

Regulus offers to teach Shiro how to fight with a butterfly knife, but Shiro declines, saying that he’d prefer to keep all his fingers.

#17 - Think

True fury is rare coming from Regulus. And when Shiro experiences it for the first time, he doesn’t expect the reason for it.

“Tell me,” Regulus says, the only signs of his anger being a slight furrow of his brow and the intensity underlying his words. “Do you ever stop to think things through for even a second, or are you simply too much of a trained dog to consider nothing but helping every lost soul you run across?”

“I help people because I want to, not just because the Base taught me to!” snaps Shiro. “But I guess I can’t expect an asshole like you to understand wanting to help someone.”

“What I understand is basic self-preservation — something that seems to slip your mind on a regular basis.”

“Well, risking my life is just the price I pay for what I do, okay? I’ve accepted that.”

“And? What about those around you? Have they accepted that price?”

Shiro opens his mouth to respond...and says something more conciliatory than he intended as a thought dawns on him. “Are you...”

“I am not asking you to stop your heroics,” Regulus says, a little less forcefully. “I am merely asking you to consider being more selective about them. Your path is dangerous enough; there is no point in taking unnecessary risks.”

Shiro wants to argue that almost every risk he’s taken in helping people out has been necessary. But it’s clear that this isn’t the time or place for defending his life choices.

“Sorry, Reg,” he says, scratching the back of his neck. “I didn’t mean to worry you.”

#18 - Bland

Shiro realizes that Regulus is capable of making things other than baked goods and sweets; it’s just that everything else he makes, while edible enough, is also astoundingly bland.

#19 - Discontent

The condo is empty after Shiro leaves for a week to visit Bomber Star, but of course it is. In fact, “empty” used to be its default state.

Regulus wonders when it stopped being so.

#20 - Gossip

“You know, people are starting to think that you’re Reg’s sugar baby,” Zoniha cheerfully tells Shiro, who promptly chokes on his grape juice.

#21 - Hobby

“...crosswords?” Shiro asks one morning at breakfast. “Really?”

Regulus doesn’t even look up from the newspaper. “You have a problem with them?”

“Of course not. I just didn’t think you’d be interested in something like crossword puzzles. I mean...they’re not illegal, after all.”

#22 - Graveyard

Regulus dreams one night of burying Shiro in a distant, foggy graveyard. He realizes in the morning that — for whatever reason — he had simply been reliving a past life memory, tailored to his current life, but for the rest of the day he makes more of an effort to reach out to Shiro.

(Whether Shiro actually notices is a different story entirely.)

#23 - Erotic

Shiro folds his arms and stares intently at Regulus. “All right, come on. Admit it.”


“I was right.”

“Mm.” Regulus wanders to the window, glancing out at the cityscape below. “It would seem so.”

“‘It would seem so’?! Could you stand to sound a little less bored by this? This venture has gone upsideways into hell exactly like I said it would! We’ve lost our guy, our money, and now his bosses know exactly what we’re up to when the whole point of this was to fly under the radar! Not to mention all that collateral damage! Someone could buy a small castle with how much insurance would have to pay out for that!”

“Don’t be so dramatic. This is not an insurmountable setback, either strategically or financially.”

“That’s not the point, dammit! I’m saying that maybe, just maybe, you should try listening to me when it comes to the workings of a country you’ve only been to a handful of times on a planet you haven’t lived on in like a hundred years!”

“We’ll have to contact Leveque again. He’ll know of Corvuila’s potential safehouses.”

“Which is precisely what I said earlier! But nooooo, you wanted to — ”

“Shiro, if you do not keep your mouth shut while I think about this, I will put something in it to keep you occupied.

Shiro blushes furiously and promptly shuts up.

#24 - Adornment

He typically doesn’t care to wear any more than is necessary to be appropriately clothed and passable-looking, but seeing Regulus on a daily basis with his multiple ear piercings (indicative of his rank within the Obsidian Phoenix) has gotten Shiro vaguely considering the idea of indulging in a pair of earrings for himself.

#25 - Letter

Hey — went out to go have a chat with Naberitur. Probably won’t be coming back. Take care of yourself whenever you decide to clean up the mess. You’ve already died once before, after all.

Thanks for everything. Consider this my last rent payment.

I love you.


#26 - Bleeding

For all that Regulus gets satisfaction out of beating Shiro in a fight, he is intensely disturbed by seeing Shiro’s broken, bleeding body on the sulfurous grounds of the Infernal Citadel.

#27 - Bunny

“Come on, Reg,” Shiro wheedles, holding the bunny out to him, “don’t you think this thing is just the cutest?”

“...I suppose,” is Regulus’ disinterested response.

Shiro snorts and cradles the bunny in his arms. “You really are a heartless bastard if even the sight of a baby rabbit doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

“I don’t care much for animals.”

“Huh.” He scratches the bunny behind its ears. “I guess that means I can’t ask for a pet anytime soon.”

Regulus eyes him curiously. “You were interested in one?”

“A little, yeah. Mainly because I’d get more cuddles from a pet than from you.”

Later that day, during their regular sparring, Regulus traps Shiro in a spinal lock for a little longer than is strictly necessary to get him to submit, under the pretense that he is merely addressing Shiro’s grievances about Regulus never holding him enough.

#28 - Adequate

In the first few moments of having woken up from unconsciousness, Shiro finds himself more grateful that Regulus is back to normal than he is about having miraculously survived what he thought was a definite suicide mission.

#29 - Weakness

Shiro’s gotten more used to the idea that Regulus would have moments of emotional weakness, but he’s still never sure exactly when such moments are occurring.

#30 - Western

As Regulus walks out of earshot, Freddy leans in conspiratorially to whisper to Shiro. “Now I ain’t judgin’ or nothin’, so don’t get yer tail in a tangle when I say this, but for a law-abider, you sure do get yerself mixed up with some interestin’ folk. First the Scourge, and now the Phoenix’s Crown? Why, I’d almost say you seem to have a secret shine for longriders.”

“I have pretty awful taste in partners, yeah,” Shiro deadpans.

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